Sophomore album called "Exulansis" has been released via Epidemie Records on April 1st 2016.

The record explores, in a lyrically and musically unorthodox way, the boundaries of pure madness and pure emotion. The basic premise of the concept of the album is that no matter if they take place against the everyday rut or grand circumstances, they are the only real evidence of us being alive.

Apart from standard release (handnumbered digipack, 12-page booklet), a collector's edition of 50 is available, featuring a 20-page booklet with short conceptual stories, band photos and a sticker - all wrapped in a special CD cover.

Buy digipak (limited or collector's edition), digital release and/or T-shirt on our BandCamp store.

Even after three listens, I feel like I am just scratching the surface of this album. Every moment requires full attention, and the more I focus, the more impressive it all seems. I can’t help but give it 5 out of 5.(Toiletovhell.com, 5/5)

Overall, there has been a commendable amount of evolution and experimentation gone into the making of 'Exulansis', and wherever you want to pigeonhole the actual result, it's still an intelligent, complete and deep concept realised with considerable skill and dedication. (Doom-metal.com, 8.5/10)

I’m immensely impressed by the whole album, which I encourage you to hear in full. [...] It’s a truly immersive, multifaceted experience that casts a persistent spell and can carry you far away. (NoCleanSinging.com)

Somnus Aeternus have a good understanding of the atmospheric uses of doom, and Exulansis might not be the most comfortable listen, but it’s an interesting trip with much to explore. [...] It may be funeral doom in nature, but it’s richly, well-crafted material. (Deadrhetoric.com, 7.5/10)


Track list

  1. Zen and the Demise
  2. Insecure Pawn
  3. Frostbound
  4. Path Through Oblivion
  5. Reaching the Anattá
  6. VI

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