Debut album "On the Shores of Oblivion" was released in 2012 under Solitude Productions.


Metal Revolution, 4th May 2013

“The overall sound is a pleasant one and I was not bored for a second while listening to this debut opus. I was surprised by the overall quality of the disk and I find it inspiring. On the Shores of Oblivion left a very good impression on me and I can only recommend it to any metal fan out there.” (83/100)

Lords of Metal, 2013

“The band knows its possibilities in the genre and worked it out in a fine manner, without flabbergasting result, yet okay. Since this is only a debut, we hope that they have more amazing doom/death metal for us in the near future.” (7,5/10)

Pitchline-Zine, 30th March 2013

“Ya por ultimo queda citar la buena salud de “On The Shores Of Oblivion” respecto a su sonido, aunque quizá no hubiese estado demás un pequeño extra hacia los teclados, no obstante el conjunto suena uniforme. Seguidores de sonidos tipo los últimos Swallow The Sun, Opeth, To Elysium e incluso un cierto regusto a Arcturus, respecto a pinceladas más cósmicas, deberían de encontrar este disco bastante potable aun a riesgo de coger una indigestión de bandas de este género. Prometedores.” (6,5/10)

Miasma, 22nd March 2013

“Miksaus on hoidettu pääosin erinomaisesti. Kitarat kuuluu kun tilutellaan sooloja kun taas basso ja rummut tuovat hyvin sitä raskautta kappaleisiin, joka asiaan kuuluukin. Tästä huolimatta jo aiemminkin mainittu vokalisti jää kyllä hiljaisemmissa laulu osuuksissa armottomasti lähes joka kerta kaiken muun soiton alle niin että ei kyllä saa selvää vaikka millä vehkeillä kuuntelisi. ”Nyyhky” jollotukset siis olisi saanut surutta jättää vaikka poiskin, koska fiilistä löytyy kaikin puolin muutenkin riittävästi.” (8/10)

Ave Noctum, 11th February 2013

“‘On the Shores of Oblivion’ is a decent effort all things considered, with a fair old bit of variety on offer throughout, even if it does overdose on the keyboards and the polish from time to time. It’s lead guitar-work that really stands out however, and it’s this that pushes the band up to an above-average score.” (7/10)

Temple of Doom Metal, 26th January 2013

“‘On the Shores of Oblivion’ cresce à medida que lhe vamos dispensando tempo e, de mansinho, ganha o seu espaço; se não possui «aqueles temas» ou uma boa mão cheia de malhas que nos deixam de queixo caído, ganhando automaticamente um lugar entre os melhores do ano, assume-se como uma bela revelação antecipando boas novas em futuros lançamentos. Assim o esperamos.” (15/20)

Hymnes Funeraires, 1st January 2013

“The overall sound is, again, pleasing to the ear and the track layout does feel like it’s meant to go full circle. While I found it a bit lacking on the doom side of things, I did enjoy listening to it. More then one time. And I do intend on listening to it in the future. Being the pretentious elitist bastard that I am, that says a lot about the quality of the music here.” (7.5/10)

Forbidden Magazine, 15th January 2013

“As if those blurbs above didn’t showcase enough of what is contained within these songs, these guys alsobust out some nice leads and solos within many of the songs, at times slightly buried, while other times they are the main focus. And while often coming across as pulverizing,searing, shredding, seething, pulsing, and even meditative all at once it’s virtually impossible to find a weakness in SA’s song structures, not to mention the intoxicating affects they can have on any of us. Please check out their bandcamp link below to stream some of these songs and even hear their demo from ’09. You really NEED to hear this!!!!!”

Mortemzine (Czech), 21st September 2012

“The album leaves a very good impression not just because of how balanced it is, but also by the presented potential, which is something that could be drawn from even more in the future. Today, SOMNUS AETERNUS are on the rise and on a good way, which will show what else the evidently present potential will bring. So walk your own shores of oblivion and see that this band is a good companion for quite a few evening listening sessions.” (7/10)